Pedestrian Turf Protection

Terraflor is a temporary pedestrian turf protection designed for turf protection required from heavy foot traffic.

With an inbuilt capacity for expansion in extreme temperatures, this flooring is an ideal mid-level cover over outdoor events, protecting turf from heavy flattening in mosh pits or the like.

Terraflor is designed to protect natural or artificial turf, such as football fields, golf courses and other outdoor fields. Ideal for uneven or sensitive surfaces the Terraflor’s interlocking and flexible design allow it to flow across the fields with ease.


  • Slip Resistant Pedestrian Access
  • Temporary Pathways
  • Mid-Level Turf Protection
  • Mosh Pits
  • Wheelchair Accessible


Panel Size75mm x 75mm x 37 mm (L x W x H)
Panel Area.562sq m
Useable fitted panel2.25m x 1.5m x .037m = 3.37sq m (L x W x H)
Panel Weight9kg/sq m
Load Capacity9,000kg/sq m
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