No Fuss Event Hire specialises in a range of portable flooring products including heavy duty access solutions, pedestrian turf protection products and marquee flooring which are proven to be the most comprehensive and practical for all ground conditions and surfaces in both indoor and outdoor conditions. We have products of the highest standards that are suitable for almost anything on tracks or tyres from mining sites to constructions sites and major event infrastructure.

I-Trac Flooring No Fuss Event Hire Australia

I-Trac is an extremely heavy-duty temporary flooring product, with panels weighing just 15.6kg each, but supporting weights of up to 200,000kg/sqm. With a composite interlocking panel system that creates a contiguous surface, I-Trac can be used over almost any ground condition with the size, length and width of the application being unlimited which provides not only a slip resistant surface but a roadway capable of dealing with all road going vehicles and extreme static loadings.


Predominantly a heavy duty pedestrian product, Supa-Trac temporary flooring was specifically designed for turf protection with innovative built in design features that allow air, water and light to be transmitted to the underlying surface thereby keeping turf alive and healthy for extended periods. With panels weighting just 9.7kg each and a load capacity of 80,000kg/sqm, not only is Supa-trac the most premium accessible flooring product on the market, it can also accommodate certain vehicular equipment up to an axle load of 3,500 kg with minimum deflection as the equipment passes from panel to panel, making Supa-Trac the ideal medium duty solution.

Supa-Trac Flooring No Fuss Event Hire Australia
Supamat Flooring No Fuss Event Hire Australia

When rapid access is required for all types of machinery, Supamats (commonly referred to as bog mats or Trakmats), are the solution. Made from 100% recycled high density polyethylene, measuring 2.4m x 1.2m and weighing 33kg each, Supamats are an incredibly user friendly and cost effective roadway that allows for speed and efficient applications. If you have an access problem at an event, on a construction site, or even in your backyard, these mats are the ultimate quick-access solution or temporary roadway to suit your requirements.


Hexapro is suitable for almost every purpose. Weighing approximately 2.9kg, each tile covers approximately 0.25sqm and a landing strength of a maximum of 5,000kg, Hexapro is a medium duty platform or roadway that will contour to the underlying surface. The flexible tile system allows for fast laying of solid surfacing for event flooring, pedestrian pathways, temporary car parks and construction site roadways.

Hexapro Flooring No Fuss Event Hire Australia
No Fuss Flooring No Fuss Event Hire Australia
No Fuss Floor

No Fuss Floor is the most advanced rollout pedestrian flooring product on the market today. Its flexible modular flooring system allows the floor to be assemble in an unlimited size, making it suitable for a large range of flooring requirements. With a load capacity of 29,000kg/sqm, this tough and resilient floor is easy to assemble and suitable for uses such as short-term footpaths, marquee or catering areas, or even dance floors.


This flooring is a high presentation floor with a great deal of appeal. Soft to stand on and safe to walk upon – this product reduces fatigue, meaning you won’t have tired and aching feet at the end of a long day. With each tile measuring 40cm x 40cm and a vast array of available colours, Plastorip allows for a creative approach, design stunning effects and heighten awareness of any display! Ideal for corporate presentations, promotional events, exhibitions, seminars, awards ceremonies and pedestrian walkways.

Plastorip Flooring No Fuss Event Hire Australia