I-Trac is the most flexible, highly capable and heavy-duty flooring system to be introduced worldwide to the market place. Being a single component heavy duty access solution, I-Trac enables vehicular traffic of almost any size to traverse over inhospitable or unsafe ground. I-Trac is a composite interlocking roadway system that creates a contiguous surface capable of dealing with all road going vehicles and extreme static loadings.

No Fuss Event Hire is the only company in Australia that stock this versatile flooring solution. I-Trac is an extremely heavy-duty temporary flooring product, with panels weighing just 15.6kg each, but supporting weights of up to 200,000kg/sqm. With a composite interlocking panel system that creates a contiguous surface, I-Trac can be used over almost any ground condition with the size, length and width of the application being unlimited which provides not only a slip resistant surface but a roadway capable of dealing with all road going vehicles and extreme static loadings.

Considering that most I-Trac is laid on a grass surface, it is important that the integrity of the surface is always protected as best possible. Over and above the incredible strength-to-weight ratio of I-Trac and the value that I-Trac serves for roadways, the product also serves as an invaluable turf protection product. Used on grass for stage bases, mosh pits, temporary parking areas and even helipads, I-Trac will leave the turf in excellent condition following extraction.


  • Temporary access roadways
  • Construction access roadways
  • Remote site access
  • Temporary parking areas/lots
  • Outdoor promotional events
  • Crane platforms
  • Drilling platforms


Panel Size 1.2m x .92m x .055m (L x W x H)
Panel Area 0.8 sq m
Panel Weight 15.6 kg each
Load Capacity 200,000kg / sq m

More Information

I-Trac is an entirely manually deployed temporary access roadway system and is secured by an inbuilt connection device that requires no special tools to operate. Each panel has 8 attachment points that enable the user to bolt on accessories where needed. I-Trac is inert to most chemicals and offers a good level of electrical insulation. I-Trac is quick and easy to install and extract, with a single person laying up to 100m2 in an hour. Each panel covers 0.8m2 of surface area and only weighs approximately 15kgs. Due to the light weight structure the cubic area of a truck or container will be filled well before any weight limits are met.

Being the first non-metal system capable of taking on the Aluminium competitors, I-Trac offers a highly cost competitive alternative to the current access problems of portable roadways and equipment roadway systems. I-Trac will also leave the turf in excellent condition following extraction.

Be wary of other products on the market that offer mass weight-bearing capabilities containing aluminium, as it is not compatible with grass, burning it almost immediately. In contrast to the competitor’s steel products, which can only be laid for a maximum of 2 hours before burning the grass, the white I-Trac can be laid for up to 5 days, with the result of healthy turf due to the white colour deflecting heat whilst allowing light through to the grass.