Supa-Mats (Bog Mats)

Specifically designed for difficult surfaces where traction is an issue and where rapid access is required for all types of machinery, Supa-mats (commonly referred to as Bog Mats or Trakmats) are the solution. Made from 100% recycled high density polyethylene, measuring 1.2m x 2.4m and weighing 33kg each, Supa-mats are an incredibly user friendly and cost-effective roadway that allows for speed and efficient applications.

If you have an access problem at an event, on a construction site, or even in your backyard, these mats are the ultimate quick-access solution or temporary roadway to suit your requirements. Supa-Mats work equally well in sand and snowy conditions and are unaffected by heat or cold.

Supa-Mats have cylinders on both sides, a proven design for generating gripping action in all conditions, with the open space between cylinders creating the necessary pathways to release mud and debris from the traction area. With the typical truck tyre being in contact with at least 36 cylinders at any one time, there is more than sufficient load support and gripping power with this temporary flooring/roadway.


  • Quick site access over unstable ground
  • Greenfield maintenance site access
  • Remote site access
  • Temporary roads and parking lots
  • Resorts, parks, golf courses, cemeteries and lawns etc
  • Railway contracts
  • Water well drill sites
  • Special events and open-air concerts
  • Landscape creation, maintenance and more…


Panel Size 1.13m x 2.44m x .13m (L x W x H)
Weight 33kgs
Surface Type Traction on both sides or traction one side & smooth one side
Load Capacity 40,000kg – 60,000kg/sqm dependant on ground bearing capacity
Material 100% Re-cycled polyethylene
Durability 5-7 years and is UV protected
Hand Cutouts Yes. For safe and convenient way of lifting mats
Splinters No. Trakmats won’t break or tear
Easy Cleaning Yes. Hose down with water