Best Temporary Flooring Solutions for Major Events in Victoria

Something is always happening in Victoria. From Grand Slam and international exhibitions to carnivals and award shows, this state is no less than a heaven for event managers. 

If you’re an event manager in Victoria, you should prepare your team before your clients begin the bookings. This includes choosing the best event flooring solution. These services provide heavy-duty ground, walkway, and pedestrian turf protection based on your event’s needs. 

Flooring solutions like No Fuss Event Hire not only set the tone for your major events, but also strengthen their security. This makes your attendees more confident and improves your business’s reputation in the market. It’s a win-win!

Temporary Flooring

Understanding Event Temporary Flooring Needs

Whether you’re organising a wedding or business conference, choosing the best flooring solution should be one of your priorities. It gives your events the vibe they need. Besides the aesthetics, the right flooring can boost your event’s safety, durability, and comfort. 

The flooring varies from one event to the other. Here are different flooring requirements for various events:

Concerts: The stage flooring should be slip-resistant to allow performers to move safely and robust enough to withstand heavy equipment. Moreover, the flooring in the audience seating areas should be comfortable and durable to accommodate high traffic.

Festivals (Music, Food, Cultural): The outdoor flooring in Victorian festivals should be versatile to accommodate various events. It should also be weather-resistant and easily cleanable for food and beverage spills for full-proof hygiene.

Sports Events: Indoor events should have floorings appropriate for different sports. Hardwood is an excellent choice for basketball, and synthetic courts are ideal for tennis. Either way, the flooring should be shock-absorbing and slip-resistant to reduce the impact of falls.

Trade Shows and Expos: Flooring at Victorian trade shows and expos should be durable enough to withstand heavy traffic and equipment. Many businesses prefer modular flooring systems at expos, which allow them to display their logo and branding elements for better promotion. 

Key Features to Consider When Selecting Event Flooring

Every event needs a specialised temporary flooring system that suits its safety and aesthetic needs. However, you must choose the right flooring to ensure the best arrangements for your event. 

Here are key features to consider to make the right choice:

Durability: Events, no matter how small, can turn into big ones in no time. Thus, ensure your event’s flooring is robust and flexible enough to withstand heavy foot traffic and equipment, weather impacts, and other setup requirements. The best flooring materials include vinyl, rubber, interlocking tiles, and hardwood, depending on the nature of the event.

Weather Resistance: If you’re organising an outdoor event, your flooring should be weather-resistant to bear rain, sun exposure, and temperature fluctuations. Some great flooring materials include synthetic turf, composite decking, or modular plastic tiles with powerful drainage capabilities. 

Ease of Installation and Removal: As an event organiser, you know how short your setup and teardown time is. So, opt for flooring options that are easy to install and remove without specialised tools, such as modular flooring systems, interlocking tiles, or roll-out carpets.

Environmental Impact: Look for sustainable options for flooring that can be reused and put less harm on the environment. Some eco-friendly flooring materials include recycled rubber, bamboo, cork, or reclaimed wood. 

Overview of Top Flooring Solutions Offered by No Fuss Event Hire

You now know how to find the best temporary flooring solutions for your next event. But why go through all the hassle when you can simply connect with the best flooring option in Victoria—No Fuss Event Hire? 

We have a range of products tailored to different event needs. Here is a quick overview of our flooring services:


I-Trac is a heavy-duty temporary flooring system for large-scale outdoor events. It is ideal for construction access roadways, crane and drilling platforms, and remote site access. This versatile flooring can withstand high traffic and is super easy to install. 

With I-Trac, we offer panels weighing just 15.6 kg each and supporting weights of up to 200,000 kg/sqm. It comes with a composite interlocking panel system, which is excellent for mosh pits, stage bases, and even helipads. 

The best part? Your turf will be in good condition even after removing the I-Trac.


Supa-Trac is a versatile and accessible temporary flooring solution for wheelchair pathways, footpath matting, and walkways. Due to its durability and lightweight, it is the best ground protection solution for heavy foot traffic areas, such as sports events and concerts. 

This flooring option is made of high-impact polypropylene with UV inhibitors, with panels bearing a load capacity of 80,000 kg/sqm. Its innovative design allows light, air, and water to reach the underlying surface and keep the grass alive.

What’s more, Supa-Trac flooring is recyclable and easy to clean. 


Plastorip is a high-quality presentation flooring that comes in a wide range of colours. It is made of pure PP copolymer, which is UV-resistant, recyclable, weatherproof, and antistatic. 

Plastorip ideal for lighter-traffic events, such as exhibitions, corporate events, trade shows, seminars, and award shows. It is also equally efficient for parking pathways and weddings, where people like to dance. Plastorip is slip-resistant and reduces fatigue, supporting extended standing—thanks to its 250 kg/sqcm load-bearing capacity. 

This flooring option is also quite light on the pocket. 

No Fuss Rollout Flooring

No Fuss Rollout Floor is the modern pedestrian flooring with immense flexibility. You can assemble this flooring option quickly in an unlimited size, making it suitable for events as small as 20 sqm and as large as 20,000 sqm.

This flooring is designed as a turf protection to facilitate water and air circulation for the grass to stay fresh. It makes the best short-term footpaths and coverage for environmentally sensitive areas. 

The ideal use cases for the No Fuss Rollout Floor are temporary walkways, exhibitions, catering events, merchandising displays, and weddings. It’s made of recyclable polypropylene copolymer and has a weight-bearing capacity of 9,000kg/sqm. 

Supa-Mats (Bog Mats)

Supa-Mats, or Bog Mats or Trakmats, are heavy-duty flooring designed for delicate or sensitive grounds. They are made of 100% recycled high-density polyethylene, with each panel weighing 33kgs and supporting 40,000kg–60,000kg/sqm of load. 

This flooring is ideal for construction sites, emergency access, large outdoor events, temporary roads, parking lots, resorts, parks, and more. Supa-Mats works amazingly well in all sorts of weather conditions, protecting the ground from damage 24/7.

Temporary Flooring Maintenance Tips

So, you have installed your event’s flooring with No Fuss Event Hire. But that’s not it. You should care for your temporary flooring to keep it unaffected by heavy traffic or weather damage. In fact, proper flooring maintenance can significantly enhance the flooring’s lifespan.

Here are some helpful flooring maintenance tips:

Proper Cleaning: Regularly clean your flooring to remove dirt, debris, and spills that may accumulate in the nooks and crannies.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Never use harsh chemicals or cleaners to clean your flooring, or you may end up damaging it. Instead, opt for mild, pH-neutral cleaners designed for a particular flooring material.

Wipe off Spills On Time: Immediately cleaning spills and stains on the floor prevents them from accumulating and penetrating the surface. Always use a soft cloth or damp to blot spills.

Regular Inspection: Keep an eye on the flooring for signs of damage. If you detect anything, immediately address them to prevent things from worsening.

Professional Maintenance: You can hire an experienced team to maintain your flooring. This option will reduce your stress, allowing you to focus on levelling up your event.

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Every event has different flooring needs. While concerts demand a sturdy floor for heavy traffic, weddings require a non-slippery stage for easy movement. 

At No Fuss Event Hire, you can choose from a wide range of flooring options customised to your event’s needs. From I-Trac to Supa-Mats, we offer a complete range of solutions for concerts, weddings, corporate events, trade shows, and more!

So, what are you waiting for? Contact the best event flooring solution in Victoria now for a tailored plan for your upcoming event!

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