The use of temporary flooring is something that is commonly known amongst events, but it is also very useful for use in construction. Temporary construction flooring has plenty of advantages and can save a lot of issues. Weather can play havoc with the progress of construction, so by installing temporary roadways and/or bog mats on your site, having unsafe ground for vehicles will no longer be an issue. If their scenarios where normal footpaths are no longer viable or safe to use, or even if the ground can be hazardous due to the surface, by installing certain types of construction flooring you can maintain optimal safety and performance on any construction sites. Another issue that sites can face is inaccessibility, particularly if it is due to the terrain. Certain machinery may not be able to be driven along certain surfaces as it may get stuck or it can cause damage, so by installing state of the art construction flooring to build temporary roadways, you can eliminate these issues. No Fuss Event Hire can provide flooring for more than just events, so talk to our team to find the best construction flooring to suit the needs of your operation.

Choosing the Right Flooring

Whether you are looking for temporary construction flooring, flooring for your next corporate event or running a full-scale event that is in need of flooring for many different areas, it is important that you choose the right flooring for your needs. The type of construction flooring will depend on whether you are using it for foot traffic or for vehicles along with what type of surface you are using it on. Often temporary flooring is laid over grass at events to protect the grass as well as ensuring that people do not slip, or those dreaded high heels stuck in the ground for the more marquee outdoor events. Quality flooring is important in this case as if the flooring is not made well or is not the right type it can damage the grass. If you are hiring a venue, then damaging grass is a great way to never be able to use that venue again. For construction sites or larger scale events, it is likely that heavy vehicles and/or machinery is going to be used so having temporary flooring can make not only a designated road but ensure that no wheels slip or get stuck on soft or unstable surfaces. When laying it indoors, flooring will need to be more customisable as it may have to go around corners or other awkward areas, so picking a floor that is easy to work with is a wise decision. For corporate events, you can even choose flooring that comes in a range of colours which is great for strengthening your brand presence. If you need some more information about what type of flooring will suit the areas that you need it for, then contact No Fuss Event Hire. With an array of experience across many different fields and events, No Fuss Event Hire can give you the right advice and supply you with what you need.

Why No Fuss Event Hire?

An event or a project is an investment. Cutting corners or not using quality throughout all stages only leads to disaster, which is why it is important to ensure that the flooring you use is of the best quality, the right type and installed by a company that knows what they are doing. With a proven track record and years of experience, No Fuss Event Hire have built a reputation on quality, reliability and professional service. Providing a range of temporary flooring to suit a vast array of projects and events, we also have provided marquees, grandstand seating and other requirements that our clients have needed to ensure that their event or project has been a raging success. With accolades that include the Sydney Olympic Games to suppling construction flooring to mining sites, No Fuss Event Hire knows the ins and outs of temporary flooring. Knowledge, experience and service that is unmatched, for your next project or event, contact No Fuss Event Hire and see just how they can help you.

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