Australian F1 Grand Prix comes to Town

Big crowds expected at the Aussie Grand Prix

The Australian Formula 1 Motor Racing Championship marks the beginning of the Formula 1 calendar. It is held in March each year and No Fuss Event Hire is proud to partner with the City of Melbourne to produce the worldwide spectacle that Melbourne is now famous for. It was the 22nd time Melbourne had hosted this much anticipated international event, with Sebastian Vettel standing as the 2017 winner of the race. Can he do it again and will we see Aussie local, Daniel Ricciardo, up on the podium too?

Catering for the crowds

There is a great deal of planning and preparation required to host such an event of this size, and keeping everyone happy during the race is paramount, especially when you see the history of race day attendances:

  • 2010 – 305,000
  • 2011 – 298,000
  • 2012 – 313,700
  • 2013 – 323,000
  • 2014 – 314,900
  • 2015 – 296,600
  • 2016 – 272,300
  • 2017 – 296,600

The Grand Prix circuit is situated around Albert Park Lake and when it’s not being used at a Grand Prix venue, it is used as a public place. As maintaining the integrity of the surrounding environment is paramount, No Fuss Event Hire provides peace of mind with our equipment. For such an event, the typical forms of equipment we can supply are as follows:

Event Requirements

Turf Protection (I-Trac & Supa-Trac), Vehicle Access Roadways (I-Trac & Trakmats), Walkways & Exhibitor Displays (Supa-Trac), Sponsor Displays (Plastorip)

Challenges to Overcome

Public Parklands with specific requirements to enable public use remains possible. Quick overnight removal on the night of the last day of the event to ensure access available.

Why Choose Our Products

Heavy duty machinery required access to the parklands including catering areas. Outlining specialty displays for both sponsor areas and Breezeway areas. Turf protection.

Temporary Flooring

I-Trac will provide temporary portable roadways for heavy vehicle pathways and provides a quick and easy solution to short-term roadway requirements.

Plastorip is available in a variety of colours, this flooring boasts unique designs and branding opportunities, that will compliment any event.

Supa-Trac offers a superior turf and ground protection product, with panels allowing light, air, and water to reach the turf, will keep grass alive whilst protecting the turf from being trampled by pedestrians or vehicles.

Trakmats provide a non-slip surface for large vehicles, which are also unaffected by the heat or cold. Most commonly used on event sites to provide temporary roadways.

Temporary Seating

Grandstand – We can provide anything from 300 seats for the school play or 30,000 seats for an Olympic Games, as our flexible & temporary seating systems can be configured to any number of layouts to achieve an event’s needs. We can also provide covered grandstands for shade and weather protection.

Other Equipment

Scaffolding & Decking – Used to provision for Camera and broadcasting platforms, Corporate boxes and VIP facilities, temporary steps and ramps and provisioning of viewing decks.

To find out how No Fuss Event Hire can cater for your next event, contact us online or call on 03 9212 2500.

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