A company started in 2006 by Founder Geoff Tucker, No Fuss Event Hire has been one of the leaders in supplying hire equipment services, particularly construction flooring, in Victoria and interstate. With a company built on the ethos of total commitment with the willingness to go that extra mile in all aspects, from service to supply, No Fuss Event Hire has proved time and time again that we are the specialists in this industry. Working with events such as the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix, 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games, the Australian Open and even the Bells Beach Surfing Championships, our range of event hire equipment is second to none. Being one of Australia’s largest stockists of temporary and construction flooring, no matter what an event requires, we have the knowledge and specialisation to not just point you in the right direction to what type of flooring and hire equipment you will need but to supply it as well. We are always looking at growing our business and diversifying our range so we can continue for years to come to supply quality hire equipment to any and every event that requires our services in Victoria and Interstate. Whether it is portable flooring, marquees, temporary access products and furnishings, we are the specialists and market leaders in hire equipment services so we will supply you with exactly what you need to make your event dreams a reality.

Our Temporary Construction Flooring

Not all construction flooring is interchangeable thus when it comes to choosing the right construction flooring for your event, it will depend on what your wants and needs are. While some decisions can be made as a matter of preference, it may also come down to just exactly what type of floor suits your venue and the type of event you are holding. If you are needing a heavy-duty flooring for vehicles to drive over, especially if the ground is unsafe, then I-Trac flooring is the optimal choice. For marquee or stadium flooring, then Supa-Trac is a better option as it is lightweight, protects turf and is great for pedestrian foot-traffic. Are you looking to make a statement with your flooring, especially for exhibition stands? Then Plastorip is the best choice as you can use it create patterns and it comes in many colours, so you can use to fully represent your brand. If you are looking for another type of heavy-duty flooring, especially for cranes, forklifts and heavy vehicles that are used across stadium turf, then Terratak Plus will get the job done. If you need a flooring that is mouldable and can be contoured for awkward areas, then Rollout Flooring can be created to suit any size or shape. One of the worries with using trucks and other similar vehicles across surfaces, particularly in an area where if something goes wrong it can endanger people’s lives, then Supamat or Bog Mats are a great choice as they have plenty of grip and will ensure that trucks will not spinout as they travel across it. Now, a mosh pit can be a destructive force, especially in festivals and outdoor concerts, by installing a Terraflor you can protect the turf below and save the concert goers as well. If you are talking about construction flooring though, then you cannot look past Hexapro flooring. If you do not want to have too many different ranges of flooring- which may be necessary depending on your event type, then it is a great option.

What to Seek in a Flooring Company

Just like construction flooring, not all companies will be able to be used for any event so when looking for a flooring company it is important to do your research. A company should be able to help you evaluate what your needs are and have the right expertise to find the product that will suit you. A diverse range of products on hand as well is a good indication that they have a solid understanding of the different types of construction flooring. Do not just go for the cheapest option as on a small scale it can lead to getting a low-quality product that does not do its job and in some cases, this can be deadly, especially if you are using it for event flooring. This being said, be mindful that just because you are paying top dollar, it does not mean you are getting top quality. Check the company’s track record and if you see they have worked with clients, especially on the regular basis (for example they have worked the same event for years in a row) it will show that they are reliable. Like with any product or service you are looking to use, a company that values their clientele will be willing to take the time to discuss their clients’ needs and work within the parameters…while going the extra mile!

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