During building and construction projects, there is a lot happening and many considerations to make. From meeting deadlines, having the right people working at the right time and just being able to have access to everything you need. Sections of building projects have a range of requirements and with there normally being so many people involved, even the slightest oversight or delay can cause havoc for any schedule. Delays can mean going over budget, putting other tradespeople out and causing so much unnecessary stress. While some delays cannot be helped, there are some issues that can be rectified, such as issues caused by the ground condition. This is where hiring temporary construction flooring comes in. If there are access issues due to ground condition, whether it be just the overall ground condition or maybe bad weather has rendered the ground too difficult to travel over, the installation of temporary construction flooring can provide the solution. By laying down suitable temporary construction flooring, the ground can be travelled across and the right flooring is able to handle the heavy-duty vehicles. Another way construction flooring can come in handy is if there needs to be a temporary footpath set up due to various factors that may have led it to be inaccessible. Moving equipment around the site, especially if it is heavy and on wheels, if the ground is not in good condition, so instead of risking damaging expensive equipment or taking up way too many resources unnecessarily, installing construction flooring can you move equipment freely. With these solutions, you do not have to settle for the ground condition or access issues causing any delays.

Types of Temporary Construction Flooring

There are many different uses for temporary construction flooring and with these different uses, there are range of options to choose from when deciding the best type of construction flooring to hire for use on your project site. To help create suitable access for vehicles, I-Trac is one of the most versatile type of temporary flooring to lay down. It is suitable for almost any ground condition, and since it is put together by an interlocking system, the size of it is unlimited making it perfect for any site. Being heavy duty and to support very heavy weight as well as being slip resistant, it is capable to act as a roadway for vehicle access. If you are looking for construction flooring to create temporary footpaths for pedestrian access, then Supatrac is the ideal choice. Great if you have to set up a temporary footpath over turf, it was designed with turf protection in mind. It is also suitable to have vehicles travel over it so if you are transporting any equipment, it can handle it. For dirt, especially when wet weather is forecast, Supamats is the ultimate temporary flooring solution. These mats, also known as bogmats, are a great option for vehicles to travel over if the ground condition is less than ideal. Which means even if you are working after a day of heavy rain, you do not have to worry about the vehicle being stuck. There are other types of construction flooring that can provide a solution to many problems that may arise on a site, so if you are looking for a solution, talk to the expert team at No Fuss Event Hire, who can help you select the temporary flooring solution for your site

The Team at No Fuss Event Hire

No Fuss Event Hire has created a solid reputation of hiring flooring solutions, marquees, temporary seating and other event staples for years. When it comes to hiring out construction flooring for your site, it may be overwhelming to know which type of flooring to use. That is where our professional team come in. We pride ourselves on having not just the best range of event hire equipment but also having a strong customer service. You cannot last this long without it. When enquiring whether construction flooring will be handy for your site and if so, what types you should hire, our team has expert knowledge and can point you in the right direction. You do not have to worry about having all the answers about what you want, that is our job, so just tell us what your needs and concerns are and we can provide you with the right construction flooring so you can get the job the done.

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