Skating at Crown, Melbourne

Venue: Crown Melbourne

Date: 14th June – 16th July

This event coincided with a “Skating At” pop up festival. It had 3 locations including Crown, Acland Street and Sorrento. It featured themed skate nights, food trucks, skating aids and a fun-filled family atmosphere.

Children as young as two were able to get on the rink thanks to Ice Rinks Australia who planned the event with children, fun and safety in mind. There were “kanga” aids, helmet and knee pad hire and differently timed events to cater to both the young – and young at heart.

Tuesdays after 5 pm were “skate and date” night. There were selected romantic tunes and lovers of all ages were welcome. For the groovier group, Thursdays after 5 pm were R&B night with tunes from the 90’s and beyond.

Ice rinks Australia and Crown Melbourne came together to create a frozen wonderland for the public of Melbourne to enjoy. It was created at Yarra Promenade, Southbank.

Skating at Crown Melbourne
Crown Rink - During Decking

They partnered with No Fuss Event Hire to ensure the success of the event. The task was multifaceted and required a great deal of safety consideration. The first part of the brief required No Fuss Event Hire to level the surface upon which the temporary ice rink would be built. Safety standards and council requirements for access and egress were at the forefront of planning. Safety barriers were also required for the Yarra river side of the structure.

Measurements of the ice rink were 9m x 41.5m. No Fuss Event Hire was also charged with the responsibility of providing ski hire and a first aid marquee 12m x 20m. An MK1 temporary grandstand was used to create a sound framework for ice to be melted over. This concept was chosen due to its structural integrity and Victorian Building Association occupancy and permit compliance. It is an easy structure to work with and can be erected in a short time frame.

The engineering team came to the fore with logistical solutions. A level area needed to be installed for the ice to set. This had to be completed upon bluestone pavers of varying heights. It was important that no damage be done to the existing stone area. The weighting of the area was of particular concern but in conjunction with the installation and engineering team, all safety requirements were met.

Skating at Acland Street, St. Kilda

Venue: Acland Street Plaza

Date: 17th June – 16th July

Acland Street Plaza came alive when a winter wonderland was created by No Fuss Event Hire.

The construction of level decking had to be formulated and constructed so the ice rink could be laid. It had to meet with safety standards and council compliance for access and egress 10m x 25m area.  A skate hire marquee was also required.

A temporary AS7 grandstand structure needed to be assembled for the ice to be melted over. It would be structurally sound and met VBA approved permit requirements. No Fuss Event Hire was able to work closely with the event holders to facilitate members of the public and shop owners in close proximity. To minimise disruption to the general public and shop owners No Fuss completed installation and removal during very early hours of the morning.

St Kilda Ice Skating Rink 2

Docklands Ice Slide

Venue: Docklands Melbourne

Date: 25th June – 18th July

Over the winter school holidays, Ice Rinks Australia and Showtime Attractions set up a fantastic ice slide for all to enjoy in at the District Docklands Shopping Centre precinct.

docklands ice slide

The structure needed careful engineering and safety planning, with organisers deciding to partner with No Fuss Event Hire to complete the task as the right choice for this project. With a proven track record collaborating with event organisers to provide temporary structure hire, No Fuss Event Hire provided logistical assistance as well as building and OH&S compliant knowledge and equipment.

Charged with creating and building the 15-metre-long, 3.75-metre wide ice slide, a modular structure was built over bluestone pavers. This also presented a challenge for No Fuss Event Hire both practically and logistically, as it was a tight area for installation over the blue stone pavers. However, we rose to the challenge and used an MK1 temporary grandstand to create the structure for ice to be frozen over.

This method was chosen for its structural stability and Victorian Building Association Occupancy Permits have been obtained for this structure. Being a modular structure, made the task easier to build within a tight timeframe.

Skating at Eastland Shopping Centre

Venue: Eastland Square, Eastland Shopping Centre

Date: 25th June – 27th August

Ice skating in the Eastland Square was a real highlight for shoppers from 25 June until 27th August. Event organisers were presented with a 3D model concept created by the No Fuss in-house team, giving the structure the design and feel outlined in the brief. Creating level decking for the ice to be poured upon was the ultimate challenge for No Fuss. This was done by building a Mk 1 modular decking (462 sqm). Custom covered guardrails and handrails needed to be installed around decking structure for aesthetic appeal.  

Marquees were built on the ice rink to give a seamless exit and entry from the ice rink to the skate hire, with brand new glass installed, creating not only a practical solution but enhancing the aesthetic appeal.

Custom made fabrics were brought in for the branding of ice rink walls. A collaboration was required between designers and manufacturers to meet timeframes.

All structures have been issued with VBA approved Occupancy Permits and were built by our inhouse registered building practitioner to comply with council regulations. Concept plans and floor plans were also handled by the in-house design team and draftspeople.

Challenges faced were tight installation spaces with pedestrian traffic and close by busy roads. Installation and removal had to occur overnight to allow ease of access and deliveries. Providing little inconvenience for pedestrians was also a priority.

Eastland Icerink - No Fuss Event Hire
Eastland Icerink - No Fuss Event Hire
Eastland Icerink - No Fuss Event Hire
Eastland Icerink - No Fuss Event Hire
Eastland Icerink - No Fuss Event Hire
Eastland Icerink - No Fuss Event Hire

Event credits: Eastland, Produced & managed by Heathwood & Co, Event design by En Pointe Events, Photography by

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