The WWE Comes to Melbourne

Date: 6th October 2018

Venue: MCG, Melbourne

Attendees: 70,000

World Wrestling Entertainment came to Melbourne and what a spectacular night of entertainment it was on 6th October at Melbourne’s iconic MCG. As of 2018, WWE is the largest wrestling promotion organisation in the world, holding 500 events each year, seen by over 36 million people in excess of 150 countries around the world.

WWE has a big following in Australia and our fans are amongst the most enthusiastic in the world. The 70,000 strong crowds proved just that.

For wrestling fans, the big drawcards of the event were the showdown between Triple H and the Undertaker, closely followed by Bec Lynch, who managed to maintain her stranglehold as the Women’s Smackdown champion. John Cena and Bobby Lashley took on the favourite Elias and Kevin Owen who did some hometown trash talk. It wasn’t enough to put John and Bobby off their game though. A convincing win was achieved.

How did the MCG plan the infrastructure for the event with the tens of thousands expected? They partnered with No Fuss Event Hire to take care of the turf, provide marquees and create the temporary roadways needed to bring all the services together.

Thanks for your assistance on the weekend. Your product and service was great and the stands looked amazing.

Derek Glover, Managing Director, Stage 5 Productions

Temporary Roadways

The transporting of equipment in and out of the venue is endless. Solid temporary roadways must be implemented to allow this to happen. Luckily No Fuss had the perfect product for the job. 2,720 sqm of white I-Trac was laid. It comes in various colours however the white colour allows for the grass to survive for a longer period than the darker shades. Unlike the other aluminium products on the market, I-Trac promotes the health of the turf for longer. It holds up to 200 tonnes/sqm and can be equal to the strength of a concrete slab.

I-Trac is an entirely manually deployed temporary access portable roadway system and is secured by an inbuilt connection device that requires no special tools to operate. Each panel has 8 attachment points that enable the user to bolt on accessories where needed. I-Trac also provides a safe level for electrical insulation.

Turf Protection

The provision of turf protection was a priority for the organisers. The MCG surface is used constantly so the integrity of the ground must not be compromised for any one single event. This was a herculean feat as the protection needed to be strong enough to withstand the weight of the ring, merchandises stand, people and chairs. No Fuss had the perfect product for the job. 10,150 sqm of Supa-Trac was laid to accommodate all turf requirements. Thousands of people would be walking over this grass.

Supa-Trac is a unique temporary flooring solution that is durable yet lightweight. It is the perfect material to maintain the integrity of turf. It the ideal ground protection matting solution for marquee and stadium flooring, pedestrian pathways or anywhere that is going to experience heavy foot traffic or equipment weight.


Design and installation of large banner signage were requested to highlight the area as dedicated merchandise stands in a range of sizes.No Fuss were able to accommodate all specifications. Flooring, furnishings, lighting and fencing also needed to be included for all structures. All were built to VBA Approved Occupancy Permit.

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