Jack Daniels Barrel House on Crown Promenade

We were delighted to work alongside The Sound Campaign at Crown Promenade to promote the Jack Daniels Barrel House event.

Commissioned to assist in the infrastructure, we worked together to provide scaffolding, grandstand installation, marquees and various furnishings for the event.

An important aspect of any temporary event structuring is the installation time. Often construction needs to be undertaken at a very low traffic time, essentially no traffic, vehicular or pedestrian. This is often only possible at night.

We will always work with our client’s requirements to minimise any inconvenience to patronage or business, strategically minimising interruption to their services or timing conflicts. With this event, work started at 3 am over a four-night period to ensure safe deliveries. It was also decided that the marquee weights were placed underneath the decking to minimise the space footprint.

The brief included building event scaffolding to level out the steps on the Promenade and custom built staging in the interior of the main marquee. We were also required to build a 12m x 25m custom clad structure.

With any job, we will always work to OH&S standard requirements to ensure the event is compliant to the Worksafe and the client’s expectations. All bespoke structures were signed off by Registered Builders of the No Fuss team to meet Victorian Building Authority Regulations.

Event Details

When: 16th November -3rd December

Event: Jack Daniels Barrel House

Where: Crown Promenade

Equip provided: Decking, MK1 Grandstand System, Custom made event stand, marquees, various furnishings

“Just to say I can’t speak highly enough to of Matt and Dwaynne and the boys here…really exceptional event crew.” – Ben Sullivan, The Sound Campaign.

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