When it comes to your next event, if you need marquee tent flooring, then there are a few options that you can consider. Temporary flooring is a great investment, particularly if your event is outside on the grass. While there is a huge range of different types of marquee tent flooring, there are a few standards that will really bring your event to the next level. Rollout flooring is a great option for temporary flooring that is going to experience a heavy pedestrian flow. This style of flooring can be contoured to fit any surface as it has small sections but it can be put together to suit any size. It easy to assemble, can be used in a range of situations and events, is tough, resilient and very protective to any surface underneath, which is definitely a plus if you are using this for a marquee on grass. The second type of flooring that can be used as marquee flooring is called Plastorip. Plastorip is available in a wide range of colours, which is a plus if you are using this flooring for a corporate event. It is non-slip, stable and able to take a bit of weight which means it is perfect for any corporate function, especially if there is dancing involved. It is also able to be used indoors and outdoors so you can have No Fuss marquee tent flooring.

Marquee Flooring Features and Benefits

If you are running an event with a marquee then flooring is especially important. Just setting the marquee up on grass or other permanent flooring may not be adequate for the type event you are running. People may slip or it may damage any grass, which is why investing in temporary marquee tent flooring for your event has many benefits. Depending on the style of flooring you install, the benefits may be slightly different but there are quite a few that are the same. A benefit of marquee tent flooring is that you can customise the flooring to suit your event. Most rollout flooring will be able to be placed directly on the ground and if you hire great quality flooring, it will protect the layer underneath from damage. This will also mean that if it is a rainy day or the ground has become soft in an outdoor event, nobody has to worry about dirty shoes or high heels sinking into the ground. Even if your event is inside, it still can benefit greatly from having marquee tent flooring. With many floors coming in a range of colours and customisable, at events or expos you can separate your section from the rest, making it stand out and create brand awareness. If the floor you are using is particularly hard or slippery, having temporary flooring can prevent accidents or injuries. At the end of the day, you want to create the best environment for your attendees to enjoy themselves, no matter what the event is for thus ensuring that they are safe and that your section looks lively is a great way to separate your event or marquee from the rest.

Why Are We Leading the Way in No Fuss Event Furnishings?

You have your marquee tent flooring sorted, now it is time to get the rest of your event fitted out. That is where No Fuss comes in. Leading the way in event furnishings, No Fuss Event Hire has built a reputation based on high quality products, efficient service and professional to deal with. No Fuss Event Hire strongly works to uphold their credibility and reliability in the event service world so we will always go to great lengths to ensure our customers are satisfied and their events run smoothly as possible. At No Fuss Event Hire, we understand just how much goes into running an event therefore one missing component or one late delivery can throw off the whole schedule. That is why we also seek to operate with professionalism, efficiency and reliability. Having contractual agreements with many high-profile events as well as being one of the biggest event floor suppliers in Australia, a company does not get that big without operating at the highest level. That is why No Fuss Event Hire is leading the way in event furnishings.

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