Rip Curl Pro Event – Bells Beach

Some of the best male and female surfers in the world were at Bells Beach for the 57th annual Rip Curl Pro surf tour. It is the longest-running professional surfing event in the world.

So how do you accommodate that many people in a sand-based setting like the Rip Curl Pro? Surfing Victoria charged No Fuss Seating Systems with the responsibility of providing grandstand seating and viewing platforms.

Where: Bells Beach, Victoria

When: 28th March – 8th April

Attendees: Around 30,000

The ultimate challenge for No Fuss Seating Systems is the often-unpredictable nature of the weather and terrain in the coastal area. Exact measurements for the safety and security of the equipment are paramount.

So what do you need to organise an event like this?

Rip Curl Pro Grandstands

7 grandstands in total were required to support the viewing crowds at the Rip Curl Pro event. No Fuss Seating Systems can provide anything from 300 seats for the school play, to 16,000 seats for an Olympic Games.

Our flexible and temporary grandstand seating systems can be configured to any number of layouts to achieve an event’s needs. We can also provide covered grandstands for shade and weather protection.

Plastorip for Rip Curl Pro

Black Plastorip and Grey Carpet are also needed to ensure grandstand and viewing platforms have a seamless and effortless flow.

This temporary flooring application will heighten the awareness of any display, whether it is corporate exhibition stands, promotional events or pedestrian walkways.

Plastorip is both innovative and environmentally friendly, providing surface protection as well as excellent branding recognition.

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