Taylor Swift Rocks Marvel Stadium

Taylor Swift 2018 Event Details

Event:             Taylor Swift Reputation tour

Where:           Marvel Stadium

When:            26th October 2018

Taylor Swift is the 5th biggest female artist in the world, with her tours attracting hundreds of thousands of fans who come to see her full-scale productions.

When choosing a venue, specific plans must be made when hosting such an event. Consideration needs to be given to equipment set up, turf protection, event management and of course, safety. 

As with all events hosted at Marvel Stadium, No Fuss Event Hire was contacted to manage all aspects of protecting the turf with their state-of-the-art

turf protection products. Considerations need to be made in order to protect the turf against the weight of heavy-duty vehicles and large volumes of people walking on the surface, as well as fixed structures. To achieve this, No Fuss Event Hire provided:

  • Turf protection – 11,420 sqm of Supa-Trac
  • Heavy duty portable roadways – 2400 sqm of white I-Trac and 2050 sqm of grey I-Trac

Turf Protection

Knowing they were expecting tens of thousands of people walking over the grass, it was decided that Supa-Trac would be laid to give the ground optimum protection.

Supa-Trac protects the turf from the tens of thousands of patrons walking to their seats to see the concert. Also allows for production to access during the bump in and out with forklifts and roadcases with ease.

The product does not bunch up under wheels of any kind (wheelchairs, prams, forklifts, roadcases etc). Supa-Trac encourages grass growth, acting like a greenhouse and leaving an excellent result when the flooring is removed (see below for the after photo!).

Heavy Duty Roadways

Darker I-Trac colours will protect the grass for several days, however, the white I-Trac assists the grass in maintaining its integrity for longer. Be wary of selecting aluminium products, as this will likely burn grass within hours. This is why there is no trace of aluminium to be found in any of the turf protection products provided by No Fuss Event Hire. The exclusive I-Trac system can support a weight of 200 tonnes per square metre – the equivalent of a portable concrete slab.


Often with events, incidental items are required such as marquees for merchandise purposes, weather protection, cloakrooms, etc. In this case, cloakrooms were required at different points around the event, so we installed 3m by 9m marquees. We have a wide selection of marquee for hire, including clear structures, canopies, and specialty structures. There is a large range in many sizes to choose from, with modular structures installed by our professional staff.

The structures provided by No Fuss Event Hire can be set up on any surface with sensitive grass areas, asphalt, concrete and compacted soil sites. These are all inspected before installation to ensure that there is no disturbance to the natural state of the area.

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