Planning an Event or Show for 2018?

We’ll take the worry out of it for YOU.

Planning a major event with non-permanent structures starts by partnering with a company who know the logistics of temporary infrastructure.  No Fuss Event Hire are the leaders in portable solutions for your short or long-term requirements.

Whether it be a weekend event, corporate function or long-term road solution for mining vehicles, No Fuss Event Hire can make your planning a lot easier.  We provide advice and networking to a broad range of complementary companies that can see you through your next major project.

We have provided a brief overview of each category of temporary structures and furnishings.  We have also specified a list for each individual type of event.


Available in a wide variety of colours, this exhibition flooring boasts unique designs and branding techniques, that will compliment your products or events. No Fuss Event Hire can provide Plastorip as a practical temporary flooring solution for both indoor and outdoor events, with a surface that is not only suitable for dancing and dining but provides non-slip qualities combined with moulded non-trip edging.

Plastorip is both innovative and environmentally friendly, providing turf protection as well as excellent branding recognition – the perfect coloured event flooring solution.

Rollout Flooring

A rollout pedestrian floor will contour to any surface, with each section small in size but can be assembled to unlimited sizing. This floor is suitable for pedestrian access.

This flooring option has been used around site accommodation as a short-term footpath, as well as cover environmentally sensitive areas. This product will not kill the grass under the floor and is extremely easy to use.

It is equally suited to flooring space requirements as small as 20 square metres, and as large as 20,000 square metres. Importantly, its pull-out functionality enables rapid installation and will reduce your labour and handling costs.


-Trac temporary portable roadways are a revolution in heavy vehicle pathways. It provides a quick and easy solution to those one-off, or short-term roadway requirements, enabling businesses to create an instant temporary portable roadway. It enables vehicular traffic to maneuver over the inhospitable or unsafe ground. I-Trac uses a composite interlocking roadway system that creates a continuous surface, capable of dealing with all road-going vehicles and extreme static loadings.

I-Trac is an entirely manually deployed temporary access portable roadway system and is secured by an inbuilt connection device that requires no special tools to operate. Each panel has 8 attachment points that enable the user to bolt on accessories where needed. Inert to most chemicals, I-Trac also offers a safe level of electrical insulation


This ideal temporary flooring solution can support the weight of forklifts with pneumatic tyres, light trucks and vehicular traffic, providing the perfect solution to temporary parking. Supa-Trac is a superior turf and ground protection product, with panels allowing light, air and water to reach the turf, keeping grass alive whilst protecting the turf from being trampled by pedestrians or vehicles. Supa-Trac is suitable for natural and synthetic turf, indoors or out.

Supa-Trac is a widely recognised design for temporary coverage solutions for pedestrian access, event flooring and festival flooring, car parking and helipads. When you are looking for an all-inclusive flooring hire, you can’t go past Supa-Trac as a comprehensive coverage solution.


This is the version of temporary matting that would be used on a construction or commercial type site, as it is purpose-built to withstand the weight and slippery conditions heavy vehicles may encounter. It has cylinders on each side of the design to create a secure gripping action and the necessary pathways to release mud and debris from the traction area.

They work effectively on both sand and snow and are not affected by the heat or cold. Supa-mats will solve all you access and temporary roadway solutions.

Retractable Grandstands

The installation of permanent retractable seating can add both flexibility and increased audience capacity to venues for sporting, educational and arts uses. While some suppliers offer standard, one size fits all options from overseas, we design and manufacture our custom system based on site visits and direct consultation with you.

Individual Seating

From seating 1000’s at a concert or a few 100 at a private party, No Fuss Event Hire have an extensive range and quantity to suit your every need.

Portable Grandstands

Whether you need to hire 300 seats for the school play or 30,000 seats for the Olympic Games, our flexible seating systems can be configured to any number of layouts to achieve your event’s unique needs. We can also provide covered grandstands for shade and weather protection, as well as accessible viewing and camera platforms for officials and broadcasters.

Our engineers will ensure your seating installation is fully compliant with relevant building code requirements and structurally certified prior to use.

Demountable Seating

Demountable grandstands and semi-permanent seating are most suitable for stadiums and venues of all shapes and sizes. No Fuss Event Hire is a specialist supplier of demountable grandstands and semi-permanent installations for stadiums and venues across the Asia Pacific including retrofit, maintenance and upgrade works, to seating for existing facilities, ovals and stands.

Event scaffolding

No Fuss Event Hire can tailor a staging solution for your event needs.  Our flexible scaffolding option provides safety, functionality and presentation requirements. We can provide:

  • Viewing decks
  • Accessible platforms
  • Corporate boxes
  • VIP facilities
  • Temporary steps and ramps
  • Camera platforms and broadcasting positions


Our flexible staging options compliment any event from a runway to a concert.


Our lighting options extend from small Q.I. lights to elaborate chandeliers and everything in between.  Check our website to glance at some options


We have an extensive range of weight to keep all your temporary structures in place.  We have weights from 30kg -1200 kgs.


Marquees are a versatile item at any event and No Fuss have quite a range:

  • Clearspan – Clear and solid wall and roof options
  • Canopies – With unique peaked rooflines, Canopies and Hi-Tops are ideal to create a visually striking festival, market or exhibition experience. Available in 3m, 4m and 5m widths.

Specialty structures:

  • Air roof – 11 x 6 metre inflatable air roof marquee
  • Inflatable Cube – 12 x 12 metre white inflatable cube

Dome structures – Square base, stunning dome top with a 6 x 6 metre crossover dome structure.

With all events, there are speciality items that you may want to add so please discuss this with our friendly team and we look forward to making your next major event a success.

To learn more about organising your next event, you can reach out to us here: Contact Us

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