Do you need construction flooring and seating solutions? It’s okay to be sceptical about choosing a contractor. Learn what makes a good construction flooring company.

Construction Flooring And Seating Solutions

A floor is generally referred to as the bottom surface of a particular confined and defined space like a room or vehicle. Construction floor refers to the ground surface all around a construction site. The ground shouldn’t be left bare, regardless of what type of floor it is. That’s where flooring comes in. Flooring is the process of placing a temporary or permanent cover on a floor. There are many reasons why you may choose to carry out a flooring operation, but a general factor is the need to make the floor commutable. Aesthetics is another reason among many others.

When choosing a flooring solution, there are a few boxes to check. Flooring products, especially the temporary ones, are often used on construction and mining sites. Depending on your specific needs, you want to look out for the following things. 


Flooring products should be durable, tough and long-lasting. That means if you have to rent or buy some flooring products, you should be sure if they would stay useful for as long as possible. With this verified, you can go ahead to select and order.  

Easy and Cheap Maintenance

Flooring products for construction sites are often temporary. Yet, they should be cheap and easy to maintain. If they wear and tear easily, you may overshoot your budget on flooring solutions and that’s bad for business. So you need to verify how easy it is to maintain any flooring product you choose. 

Anti Slip

This is often a requirement for heavy-duty usage. One of the types of flooring product that falls in this category is the I-Trac. They make sure your heavy loads or trucks don’t slip off as you try to move them into or out of your site. It is also a good fit if you want to achieve a static loading position without your vehicle slipping. 

Water Proofing (When Required)

Sometimes you want to make a temporary footpath, marquee dance floors etc, then you need a waterproof flooring product. This may not be by compulsion, but it only makes sense that your guests don’t have to deal with water on the floor. The No-fuss floor does a good job in such scenarios. They are easy to assemble and are suitable for such short-term usage. 

There are various types of construction floors and each of them requires specific flooring materials.  

At No-fuss Event Hire, we have a couple of temporary flooring solutions. Each of them has a specific usage and application.

  • Supa mats
  • Hexapro
  • I-Trac Flooring
  • Plastorip
  • Supa-Trac

We take pride in our specialization in a range of portable flooring products. When you need heavy-duty access solutions, and marquee flooring we have your back. There are situations when pedestrian turf protection products do a better job; we also have them in stock. 

Construction flooring solutions work well for almost anything on tracks or tyres. Whether it’s a mining site, construction site or an event infrastructure, there are appropriate floor products to leverage. The entire idea is to see to it that you can get your heavy-duty materials and products into and out of your mining site or construction site without damaging your vehicle or the found. 

Seating Solutions

At No Fuss Event Hire, we don’t only deal with construction flooring, we offer seating solutions.

There are tons of deployable designs used for making seating arrangements in public auditoriums today. This brings to mind the singular fact that, over the years, great aesthetics have been a language humans choose to reckon with. There are different kinds of seating solutions for various situations. Whether it’s a football game or an opera, each event has a befitting seating arrangement. The interesting thing is that seating solutions and designs are not new concepts; humans have thought about them since the early days. However, lots of improvements have been included in the game to give a touch of greater aesthetics. 

As far as we are concerned, our major focus is on giving you the best grandstand seating solutions. This seating solution is said to be a simpler seating solution when closely compared to theatre seating. Why? It serves a greater number of spectators. A grandstand seating solution is the best option when the goal is to boost a public arena’s seating capacity. They come in handy because they require less room to create seats for a larger audience. So, when there isn’t an option to enlarge an available space, grandstand seats do the job. Same space, more seats for the audience. 

Grandstand or Bleacher-style seats are more efficient because they give more space for more people. They are also easier and simpler since they are not difficult to maintain. Unlike the upholstery theatre seats that are more expensive, and difficult to clean and maintain. Grandstand seats can easily be cleaned and kept in shape before any major event. Also, the extensive use of grandstand seating solutions doesn’t lead to wear and tear, unlike the theatre seats that often wear out after extensive use. 

Grandstand seats can be rented, moved from place to place and also fielded permanently. So, if you just need seats to host a larger capacity audience in a confined space, grandstands are your best bet. You can easily rent them without having to go through the burden of buying the seats you need for one-off usage. These seats are also easier to handle, and they cause fewer problems. 


Hosting major events comes with its challenges. Sometimes you need temporary flooring solutions, and or more seats to accommodate your crowd. There’s no need to worry about these things because that’s what we do at No Fuss Events Hire. From grandstand seats to various flooring solutions, our archive is filled with all you need to transform that event centre to your taste. We also got you covered, for your temporary construction flooring solutions. Contact us today to get started.

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