Ability Fest
Coburg Velodrome – 7th April 2018

Event:      Ability Fest

Venue:    Coburg Velodrome

Date:     7th April 2018

Attendees:   5,000

Product:     Supatrac

Triple J presenter and Paralympian Dylan Alcott launched the inaugural Ability Fest Day on 7th April 2018. The event was designed to create an inclusive festival welcoming everyone, regardless of age, mobility, gender or race, to hang out or perform at a music festival. 100% of the proceeds go to helping Australians with disabilities.

With an attendance of 5,000 people, the event raised close to $200,000 for the Dylan Alcott Foundation, which in turn will put the money into programs assisting young disabled people. Alcott said it had been an enormous success and plans had already started for the 2019 event.

Given the location of the event, temporary event equipment needed to be sought. With all the different safety requirements and mobility access challenges, specialist care needed to be taken for event management and patrons alike.

No Fuss Event Hire was engaged to provide temporary flooring for wheelchair access, pedestrian walkways and pathway access.

“Ability Fest was created to be a fully accessible music festival where no one cares about race, gender or disability and everyone just enjoys the music.” – Dylan Alcott

Supa-Trac is a unique temporary outdoor flooring solution that is durable yet lightweight, making it the ideal ground protection matting solution for the marquee and stadium flooring, pedestrian pathways or anywhere that heavy pedestrian traffic or equipment will travel.

This temporary flooring solution was ideal for Ability Fest because it can support the weight of heavy equipment, such as forklifts with pneumatic tyres, light trucks and vehicular traffic. It can also provide the perfect solution to temporary parking.

Supa-Trac is a superior turf and ground protection solution. Its panelling system allows light, air and water to reach the turf, keeping grass and surfaces underneath well ventilated and protected.

Supa-Trac is a widely recognised design for temporary coverage solutions from pedestrian access, to event flooring and festival flooring to car parking, military shelters and helipads. When you are looking for an all-inclusive flooring hire, you can’t go past Supa-Trac for a comprehensive coverage solution.

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