Your Guide to Temporary Construction Flooring

Flooring is one of the vital aspects of a construction project. It is a means to protect the floor and make it pliable and hazard-free. Indeed, there are numerous reasons why you may choose to protect your floor. There are also many materials that you can use to achieve this. You could choose carpet, wood, tile, or other hard surface construction flooring. However, the most common temporary construction flooring materials include ram board and masonite. There are plastic flooring materials too that offer protection and are very durable.

Are you investing in a construction project? Construction flooring is one of the aspects you don’t want to treat with levity. That’s why we have come up with this post, to provide you with accurate information about the construction flooring options available to you.

For consideration purposes, construction flooring could be made of hardwood, marble, laminate, or concrete. Regardless of the type of flooring you have made, there is a temporary construction flooring that can fit in as floor protection.

In the process of constructing a building, you may have to deal with uneven ground surfaces. One of the fast and easy ways to deal with it is to put up temporary construction flooring. This option offers a temporary solution to the flooring issue. The fact that it is temporary doesn’t imply that it is not durable

Why Do You Need Temporary Construction Flooring Protection?

There are a couple of construction flooring options available on the market, and the goal of each is to help you cut down on the expenses you would have incurred if you chose to do permanent flooring.

Construction flooring needs to be protected during construction or renovation. One way to go about construction flooring without breaking the bank is to opt for the option of temporary construction flooring.

At no-fuss event hire, we offer the best construction flooring options for you. We have an array of flooring materials that you can choose from. Each of them is designed to suit the specific needs of individuals like you.

Here are some of the flooring materials we have to offer:


Supamats, also known as bog mats or trakmats, come in handy when there is a need to move various types of machinery. They are made from 100% recycled high-density polyethylene. Each supreme weighs 33kg and has a dimension of 2.4m by 1.2m. They are cost-effective and easy-to-use. For your temporary roadway and access problems to construction sites, supamats will pave the way.


This is a construction flooring material that is suitable for virtually all purposes. This multipurpose flooring is a medium-duty platform or roadway that forms contours to the underlying surface. It is flexible and easy to assemble. Each tile weighs 2.9 kg and covers 0.25 sqm. The landing strength is up to 5000 kg.

No-Fuss Flooring

This is perhaps the most advanced rollout presentation flooring product. This implies that it is one of the temporary construction flooring materials on the market that is easy to assemble. It is tough and resilient and suitable for high load capacity. The load capacity is up to 29,000 kg/sqm. No fuss flooring is a modular floor system that can be assembled to any size.


This is an appealing, high-presentation floor. It offers a soft pedestal and will give great comfort to your feet. It is designed to reduce fatigue induced by walking on hard surfaces. Using Plastorip for construction flooring will guarantee you freedom from ankle aches and tired feet, even after a long day. It is suitable for corporate presentations, exhibitions, seminars, promotional events, pedestrian walkways, awards and ceremonies. Plastorip fits into any place where you want a soft, easy, and comfortable walkway.

Tips to Keep Construction Flooring Protected

In a bid to protect your construction floor, there are other things you can do:

Application of Painter’s Tape to Floor Coverings

This is suitable for non-adhesive floor coverings. It is usually applied to the surface of these flooring coverings to keep them in position. The adhesive tape protects the door from pain, spills, and pressure due to the movement of heavyweight equipment. When using painter’s tape, take note of the following:

  • Utilise medium adhesion tapes. If your adhesive is too strong, it will leave residue behind. So, you only need something adhesive enough to stick to the flooring material.
  • Make sure the floor is clean before applying the adhesive tape.
  • Don’t use adhesive tape on recently finished hardwood floors.

Designate Walking Routes

This means you have to create pathways on the construction floor. There should be a route for bringing in equipment and materials and for taking them out.

  • Clear the pathways after designation. Remove objects from the path to make room for easy passage.
  • Protect the walkway. Do this by installing sticky mats close to the entrance to pick up debris and dirt from underfoot.
  • Use shoe covers to protect the construction flooring. That way, people wouldn’t have to remove their shoes, and the flooring would be protected.

Construction Floor Cleaning and Hygiene

The accumulation of debris on the construction floor may sometimes be inevitable. That’s why you should clean up the floors with vacuums and mops. It is also vital to keep the construction site, and by extension, the floors, ventilated.

Cover the Rest of the Room

Dust and debris can fall off walls and the surroundings onto the construction floor. This will damage the floor in the long run. Hence, it is important to seal the rest of the room. This means other areas need to be covered in a bid to protect the floor.

Air Ducts

Tape your HVAC system’s ducts with painter’s tape. That’s because they can accumulate dust over a period of time and spread it throughout the house. Cleaning your HVAC system too isn’t out of place.


Put a protection film over your doorways. This will shield your floor from shedding materials that you carry in and out of your building.

Window Treatments

You can wrap your window treatments in plastic. This will keep them clean and protect them from dust accumulation. When your windows are open and protected, dust will not accumulate and your floors will be protected.


Construction flooring is not something you want to overlook. Are you bothered about doing all the hard work? Don’t worry, we have the best hands. For your top-notch construction flooring services, reach out to us at No Fuss Event Hire and you’ll have zero regrets afterwards.

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